About Me

I am a registered nurse who considers herself a “project manager of people” working my days in a busy emergency department.  I want to help lead people through various stages of healing and grieving.  We all go through periods of trauma and drama and, being a nurse, I support and advocate for the best outcome possible.

By night I work as a technician of the spirit.  What I mean by that is, I am a deep empathetic person who integrates my energy into a holistic being while I sleep and through practices such as meditation, tarot, affirmations, and reiki.  I dream colorful vivid dreams, I receive messages through my dreams, I feel intense emotions, and I use my intuition to navigate my life.  I experience my holographic life knowing that I, as well as everyone, are part spirit, part emotional, part mental, and part physical.  It’s the way we are wired.  The four elements and seasons of life exist within us.

Born knowing that I wanted to be a nurse and work to heal people, I was the innate rescuer.  As a young girl, I felt more than what was being presented on the visual surface and I learned how to navigate my young life by reading the energy of what the environment presented.  If someone said they were “fine”, but my emotional system felt they weren’t, I picked up on the mismatch of information.  Over time through my adult years, I learned to tap into other people’s energy and needs and could “read” more than what was being presented.  Cutting through the external to dive deep into the internal world is where my heart lies.

I am a nurse and a spiritual warrior.  I care for the body and the soul.  I call myself a metaphysical midwife, even though I am not a true midwife, because I help birth people into the realm of spirit and help them look beyond skin deep.  My purpose is to help others live and heal themselves in a manner that they are destined for and I take it to the cellular and soulular level.