Let Your Light Shine

I love Metaphysics because it continues asking “why” where science leaves off.  It is a world of mystery and possibility.  I also love Einstein.  He was a genius, a born physicist and theorist, with wiry hair that stood out just as much as his mass-energy equivalent.  While I am a scientist, I am also a healer and a believer in spiritual processes and my goal is to bridge the two worlds together.  It is like taking two concepts and fusing them, just like when two atoms join to make a new molecule.  There is potential and energy in that space.  In bridging to the metaphysical world, I imagine turning his powerful scientific idea into a nuclear bomb of spiritual self illumination!!

Einstein concluded that energy is equal to the mass of an object times the speed of light, squared. 


The energy (E) people emit is based on the mass (M) of their bodies times the speed of light squared ().  Light has to connect to the mass of our bodies in order to produce energy, so, from deductive reasoning, because I am alive with energy in my body, I am made of light.   I am a light body.  Now I ask,

“What if the light in me is what some of us call “spirit” or “the universe”? 

Terms associated with light and spirituality include enlightenment, illumination, brightness, shine, glow, brilliance, radiance, and my personal favorite “dazzle”.  These synonyms have been used as adjectives for people’s personality, attitude, and intelligence.  For instance, when a “lightbulb goes off” in someone’s head, a person suddenly understands something or has a great idea.  I call this divine inspiration or guidance.  

Each person’s mass is made of the physical material of oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, calcium, and phosphorus in combination with other trace elements, sort of like a magical and unique Rubik’s cube of the periodic table.  As a physical conduit for light, each person is by birthright an energetic “spirited” being.  Another way to look at it, I like to think of people as lightbulbs, each one glowing with their own radiance and frequency.  Some people’s lightbulbs barely shine or are crusted with dirt and grime, while others shine brightly to illuminate the way for others.  

Here is my personal theory: 

The more you remove the layers of inner dirt and allow the light into your life, the more you shine.  In order to let the light shine brighter, you must:

  • KNOW that you are connected to the spiritual universe. 
  • TRUST that you have a birthright to shine your unique light as only you can. 
  • FEEL your own happiness.  This is a huge piece of the energetic equation.  Energy in motion is E-motion, emotion.  Think about how depressed people look depressed, down, low energy, listless.  Unhappy people rarely radiate, so choose right now to accept your birthright to be happy. 

Spirit and energy are everywhere.  Just as a lightbulb conduits the energy into light, you are the perfect receptacle for the energy needed to be expressed as you.

Let Your Light Shine!!



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